Constructional Design

The constructional design of a building is an important phase of work. The result of which will influence the success and cost of the constructional work. Casa Ehitus OÜ has a long term experience in constructional design and planning, using various materials and technologies that help to create more efficient engineering solutions while making construction more efficient. We also offer special solutions for uncommon structures.

• Construction must withstand the specified load in operational situations
• Construction must be usable throughout the operational situation (deformation, vibration)
• Must be in accordance with regulations of stability and safe in emergency situations (fires, earthquakes, explosions)
• Must have a proper sound and thermal isolation and protect from environmental impacts
• Fulfill the functions ordered by the customer
• Fulfill the esthetic requirements of the environment
• The goal is to achieve all this with minimal costs

For an accurate quote we will need your architectural project.

Reinforced concrete constructions

We have experience in developing reinforced concrete constructional designs with an emphacis on optimizing the structure and details and their with established building norms. Projectual calculations and extras are detailed enough to simplify constructional management.

Steel constructions

Our engineers implement solutions for steel constructions that follow established standards and when optimizing the architectural design they follow their respective structures. The goal of our solutions is to follow our customers wishes and offer the best solutions to implement the architectural designs while being both economical and innovative.

Wooden constructions

We offer light and durable wooden constructional solutions. Constructional calculations are done considering architectural peculiarities.